27 May 2012

Rolando+Laidel (A Love Story Invite)

*35 more days! Here's our love story in typography (*made by yours truly) :) This may not capture all of God's goodness in between thousand miles, time differences and airport goodbyes that we have gone through. But God has been truly awesome in writing our story---He has shown us that when LOVE is true, nothing is too difficult and no distance is too far. :) Wedsite coming up tonight. :)


Riz said...

Nice :)

Heard from my Ate Imy that you contacted her to do your make-up! :) Congratulations on your new life together!

Marian said...

Looks nice. Where did you get the inspiration for it? My friend, Riz of chasingdreams.net, did the same for her wedding. :)