14 August 2012

Day 9: My New Home

9/30: New Home. Dublin, Ireland is my new home, a place where hubby lives and works. Being here was another answered prayer just recently added in our ever growing list of blessings. Long distance no more, skype dates no more, time difference no more. Finally, our first year of marriage can actually start rolling.

Living apart after our wedding was definitely not an option. We knew it was God's will for husbands and wives to be together physically. So no matter how hard, long and expensive getting here was, we knew we were under God's grace. God provided everything, we only needed to pray for the right timing.

On another note, I've been sick since the day I got here. I've suffered from headache, muscle pain, colds and fever. When hubby realized it was more than just a travel fatigue (poor hubby, he's seen the worst of me), he brought me to a medical clinic and we found out I had a respiratory tract infection. Nothing too serious the doctor said and I should be better in 3 to 4 days time. Thank God I'm actually feeling a little better now enabling me to write. I know the 30-day blogging challenge has taken a halt, but after receiving my visa, two weeks were spent on doctors' appointments (dentists, ob, optical), buying stuff, meeting people, not to mention 5 idle days of house arrest because of the habagat. But I shall continue on. I promise I'll keep writing on. :)

For now, here are some photos taken the day I arrived here (August 11, 2012) when the infection hasn't taken its toll on me yet. Our first home is a tiny house built in a quiet neighborhood within Dublin. We know this is enough for us now. We have a place where we can fellowship together, where we can dream together, where we can cook or possibly burn food together, where we can start piling our books, our photographs, our travel souvenirs, and other mishmash of stuff. Feels awesomely good to start life with that one person you love to spend your day with in a home full of love (and flowers!). Home, yes I'm home! :)

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