19 December 2013

Our DIY Christmas Cards

One of the traditions that surprised me living in Ireland is that card-giving is still very much alive in this part of the world. Most people here still do send their Christmas greetings and wishes through a tangible piece of paper called cards. This is despite the fact that the whole wide world is getting "more and more paperless" these days.

If I remember it right, I rarely received any back in the Philippines and I'm not counting the tiny gift tags as proper Christmas cards. Don't get me wrong. I like gifts with tags, even without tags. :) It's just that for me, a simple card can mean so much. It's not always a "greener" year for most of us and there are seasons where all we can afford to give and bless others are cards. During these times, words personally written and thought of are more than enough to touch one's heart, to let others know that they are remembered, that they are loved. It is really the thought that counts people. 

To give you an example: Last year, we were recipients to a number of Christmas cards even though we didn't give any. It was our first Christmas here and receiving cards meant that we were part of something, that we belonged, that we were thought of.  It was a simple gesture that truly warmed our hearts on our first cold (temperature wise) Christmas ever.

So for this year, R and I bowed to send back some Christmas lovin' through a DIY Christmas card. I was inspired by buttons as a creative theme for this year so off to Pinterest I went and found these plethora of inspiration! (Pinterest never fails me).  We spent two nights creating these and we were glad we did:

Have a joyful season everyone! Hope you will remember that it's not always the material things that capture a heart. :)


Materials we used: white plain textured cards, buttons and craft glue (all from Arts & Hobby shop), used gift wraps, used ribbons and twines, and a calligraphy pen (or a simple pen will do). 

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