20 December 2015

DIY Christmas Card 2015

It's that time of the year again for some Christmas card lovin'. It's our third year of creating our own Christmas cards so I guess at this point, we may already call it a "Christmas tradition."

Some of you may ask, "Why do it when you can just buy it anywhere in Dublin?" To be honest, I asked that myself. One of the nights when R got home to a messy corner of our living room and found me in the middle of scattered stock cards, ribbons, art papers, and all that stuff getting frustrated with not just the Christmas cards but with the long list of things I needed to do for December, I asked that very same question to myself. 

But the answer I drew from within was simple---I'd like to do it because I find joy doing it. I know it's more time consuming and it requires a good amount of creative juice and energy to finish, but I do love doing it. Since R has been in his all-time high busyness at work, I did all the cards by myself this year with just enough encouragement from him. :)

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. That time when we can give back to people in the smallest way possible. I truly believe, it's not the grandest of Christmas presents, but the amount of love that goes into it. I'd like to leave you with this quote:
"The gift of your written word could be the best gift someone gets this Christmas."                           ~ Renee Swope
The DIY Christmas Cards, 2015 edition by yours truly:

Here are most of them in one frame:

I envisioned a wrapped gift theme this time and some Christmas trees too. I used double-sided tape to make the wrapped gifts and trees pop out. Stock cards, ribbons and Christmas art papers are from last year's supplies. I still have enough for next year because I bought supplies in bulk; it's much cheaper that way. :) My finishing touch was a calligraphy-written names on a black tag using a white Dr. PH Martin's white ink.  

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