01 December 2012

Day 26: December Dear

26/30: First Christmas away from Home. This first of December just sends all the nostalgic nerves in my system at an all time high! *Sigh. I'm longing for home so much, you have no idea. Back in the Philippines, (where I hail from, proudly) I had always looked forward to December and all the wonderful things that went along with it---cooler breeze that always made me curl up in my bed one hour longer, Christmas songs playing everywhere (MRT, jeep, taxi, fx, neighborhood, malls, office, oh you name it!), holiday foodie (bibingka and puto bumbong!), lights in Ayala Triangle, kris kringle, shopping/discounts, gathering of relatives, meet up with friends, PARTIES, carols of the neighborhood kids, I could go on and on!

Both hubby and I are celebrating our first Christmas here in Ireland and we really don't know what to expect. We heard that it's not as festive as our homeland's, not as noisy, not as grand, and obviously, not as warm. But we are here and we're not flying 6,000 miles back (though we would love to if we could!) So eventhough I'm nostalgic as it is, I'm also aware that this is my new home now. It's also our first Christmas together as a married couple and there are plenty of things to look forward to (if only I could stop wishing I'm in PH this time of the year!). :(

To cheer us up somehow, we busied ourselves doing this little creative project today: our Advent Calendar (thanks to Pinterest for supplying the idea). We haven't completed attaching notes/activities until Christmas Day but the calendar is up on our wall now, letting us know it really isn't bad out here. We've gone a long way this year from our LDR: us reuniting in December 2011, separating in January 2012, reuniting in June 2012 for our wedding, separating in July 2012, then reuniting at last and for good in August 2012. Despite the fact that we're away from our loved ones' hugs and kisses, we do have a lot to thank God for!

December dear, welcome! Let's fill that calendar and wrap this year up with awesome memories, shall we? :)

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